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Name ISM International, Inc. 商 号 アイエスエム・インタナショナル株式会社
Address 1028-14,Nishifukai,Nagareyama-shi, Chiba,270-0107,JAPAN 住 所 〒270-0107 千葉県流山市西深井1028-14
Phone +81-4-7178-2626 電 話 04-7178-2626/FAX:04-7178-2678
Establishment Feb,1977 設 立 1977年2月
Capital 10 million (JPY) 資本金 1,000万円/取引銀行:りそな銀行、千葉興業銀行
Representative President Masaaki Oka 代表者 代表取締役 岡 雅明
Business Lines ・Import and export of fastening products
・Supply of fastening products to the home center market.
・Rental and sales of anchor tensile testing machines 'TECHNO TESTER' on the Internet
事業内容 ・各種ファスニング商材の輸出入販売
ISM International, Inc. was set up in Tokyo and import of fastening products from European Manufactures as described below was started. At that time, the company identified future market potential of imported fastening products based on market research and sales strategy.
In fact, bonded anchors that were originally developed in Europe, weren't well known in 1970's Japan. So the company cultivated new field of overseas products such as bonded anchors in the domestic market. As a results of these efforts, the company made a first introduction of glass capsule bonded anchors that were completely sealed 'without a cap' .The company was one of the contributors who promoted overseas fastening products as an effective new method in Japanese construction industry.
European Manufactures
・Upat GmbH&Co.(Germany) ※Upat GmbH&Co.was merged into Fischerwerke GmbH&Co.KG in 1993.
・Drebo Werkzeugfabrik GmbH(Germany),
・Soudal NV.(Belgium).
The company was acquisited by SANKO TECHNO GROUP, and the office was relocated to Nagareyama city, Chiba.
With an eye toward the business of "Home Center" that has expanded rapidly in domestic market, we started to supply our fastening products to the major "Home Center" chain.
※"Home Center" …DIY store
For the purpose of expanding logistics capacity and enhancing distribution, the company has moved to a new office located in the site of parent company's distribution center.
In recent years, particular attention has been paid to the problem of the deterioration of infrastructure that was built in the high growth period after WWⅡ. So fastening products installed in these concrete structures, such as post-installed anchors, were also required to confirm their safety and reliability, especially their load performance in construction site.
With these demands as a background, we have established a rental service of anchor tensile testing machines and created a dedicated website that is available to all users of Japan.
The office was relocated to the current address.
東京都新冨町に設立。EUより各種ファスニング商材の輸入を手掛ける。海外メーカー※ との業務提携により、日本市場での海外商材の潜在需要の掘り起こしを実施。国内に於ける市場調査および販売戦略の立案、顧客開拓ならびにマーケットシェアの獲得に努める。また、EUで開発された接着系アンカー【密封型樹脂カプセルアンカー】を当時の日本市場にいち早く紹介。コンクリートを対象とした樹脂アンカー工法の普及を推進する。
・ ウパット(Upat GmbH&Co.)/ドイツ  ⇒ 現フィッシャー(Fischerwerke GmbH & Co.KG) へM&A
・ ドレボ (DreBo Werkzeugfabrik GmbH)/ドイツ
・ ソーダル(Soudal NV.)/ベルギー  他